• Expert Advice

    We’re building professionals with the experience and knowledge needed
  • Creative Design

    We listen and develop innovative designs based on your needs
  • Managed Build

    Relax knowing our construction management team have your reno sorted

My Reno Sorted

We offer a full renovation service. Benefit from our expert advice, creative design skills and experience construction management.

From the moment we meet you, you will benefit from our expert advice. We will provide you with a creative design solution so that you can see the endless possibilities for your home

And finally, our expert construction management team will get Your Reno Sorted on time and on budget.

We offer:

Better serviceBetter project managementBetter designBetter qualityBetter build

The bespoke systems we have set up for our new build clients are exactly the same as what is needed for alterations and renovations PLUS we provide a comprehensive 10 year guanantee.

Get sorted.

What sort of renovations can we do?

In short, everything from a small bathroom upgrade to a large extension. We have the project managers, designers, suppliers, trades and services for everything you will need.

Why should I renovate with MRS?

You're not dealing with a sales agent when you talk to us. We use professional project managers, designers and builders to get your reno sorted. We have already designed and built a number of renovations prior to launching the service and our expert team have collectively built thousands of renovations, so you can be assured that you're dealing with very experienced people.

Our professional knowledge is backed by our systems and processes to ensure you get the same quality service, design and build as our new builds, all at a highly competitive price.

Three simple stages

  1. 01 Planning
  2. 02 Design
  3. 03 Build

What is the Process?

Firstly, our Renovation Sorter will meet with you and listen to your needs and discuss what options are available to you. You'll be introduced to one of our renovation design experts and together, we'll work out the best way to get the most value and use out of your home.

Following our design meeting, our renovation designer will complete the concept drawings so that we can price your renovations. Once priced, we will be able to arrange the consents (if required) and get Your Reno Sorted!

The process we go through building your reno is no different to the quality service we already provide our new build clients, so you can be assured that you're going to get a great result.

You can review our process page for more information

View our full process

How much will my reno cost?

We work closely with you to ensure that your renovation budget maximises your return. We will help tailor the specification and design, so that you come in on budget… every time!

Contact us to get your reno sorted today!